V-Sign Remote Digital Signature Solution

V-Sign is a next-generation remote digital signature solution where users don't need to use USB Tokens or SIM cards to sign but can directly sign on any device such as computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

The solution is designed to ensure:

  • Compliance with the standards of Circular 16/2019/TT – BTTT.
  • Adherence to the mandatory standards catalog applied to digital signatures and digital signature authentication services in the remote signature and mobile device signature models.
  • Providing digital signature functionality across different platforms and user authentication on IOS, Android devices.

The overall model of V-Sign is as follows:

(Overview model of the V-Sign solution)

Description of V-Sign Components

Component Function Description
V- SCA Server application for creating digital signatures
- Supports Basic and AdES digital signatures (PAdES, XAdES, CAdES)
- Supports hash signing/file signing
- Supports digital signature verification
- Manages digital signature applications, application authentication via two-way TLS/SSL
- Supports NEAC's signature API
- Supports signature creation protocol according to standard 119 432
- Supports single and batch signing
- Checks digital certificates via OCSP and CRL
- Connects to HSM systems through SAP protocol
V- IDP Subscription activation management, authentication
Device Management:
- Authenticating devices
- Access device management
Certificate issuance
- Sends CTS issuance requests
Account management
- Creates accounts
- Modifies, resets accounts
Generates centralized SAD after successful user authentication
System notifications, customer authentication via Firebase
System log management
Decryption challenge-response authentication mechanism
App Mobile
(public, private)
Remote Signing Mobile Application
- Account login, activation
- User authentication through decryption challenge-response mechanism, connects to IdP system
- Sends requests to activate digital signature keys, issues digital certificates
- Manages device lists
- System notifications to customers
- Supports digital signature connection to SCA
- Other user authentication mechanisms on devices using PIN or biometrics