Digital Signature Solution and Centralized Authentication VAS

The VEAS Authentication System (VAS) is a high-performance centralized authentication and digital signature system.

  • The solution provides various authentication methods to verify user identities for login activities or other transactions.
  • The solution can be deployed as a dedicated Appliance device or software installed on the customer's available server, virtualized environment.
  • VAS can connect to other cryptographic devices such as Smart Cards, HSMs, TPMs... to manage storage and protect keys.
  • VAS connects to other digital authentication services like OCSP, TSA.
  • VAS provides services (REST) for other application servers to call upon without depending on integrated technology, thereby simplifying the implementation of centralized authentication systems, reducing the need for changes in existing systems.

Distinguished Points of the VAS Solution

Overview Model


  • High-performance centralized digital signature and authentication system that can connect to other cryptographic devices such as HSMs, SmartCards.
  • Support for multiple signers simultaneously, fulfilling all digital signature needs within a single Appliance.
  • Acquisition of digital certificates used for signing in documents, like digital certificates in PDF files signed by a public CA.
  • Integration of modules for signing and verification: OOXML, CMS, PDF, XML.
  • PDF document processing support: customizable text signature, Time Stamp labels, CRLs, OCSP, PDF.
  • Support for secure key storage cryptographic devices.
  • Connection to key storage devices HSM, SmartCard in formats like JCE, PKCS 11.
  • Easy integration with other systems via REST APIs.

Application Integration

  • Support for using provided system APIs (RESTful/SOAP) to build digital signature-related business functionalities.
  • Support for using middleware software provided by the system, for Windows environments (vCSP) or MacOS, Linux (vPKCS#11) to implement and develop digital signature-related business functionalities.

Integration Model

Component Function Description
Public CA Organization providing public digital certificates.
(Verification Authority)
Organization verifying the status of digital certificates.
VAS Centralized digital signature system.
HSM Hardware device ensuring international standards (FIPS) for secure key storage.